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IRS Lien vs. IRS Levy

An IRS lien is a measure taken by the IRS to protect the value of the debt it believes it is owed. The government doesn’t actually take anything from the taxpayer by virtue of the fact that an IRS tax lien has been filed. An IRS tax lien just secures its places and indicates a willingness of the government to take action against the value of the taxpayer’s property to force the taxpayer to pay the IRS lien.

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How Does the IRS Look at Retirement Accounts?

As is usual with the law, it depends. First, the IRS tax lawyer will consider the age (how close to retirement) of the taxpayer and their ability to access the retirement account funds (e.g. some taxpayers borrow against the balance of their 401k and can’t get more money out until the initial loan is paid off) compared to the taxpayer’s general financial stability.

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Important Concepts When Making an Offer in Compromise or Proposing an Installment Agreement

When rationalizing an offer in compromise or installment agreement, your IRS debt tax advisor is really always focusing on three key concepts, that is, justifying expenses that are related to: the health and welfare of the family, the production of income, or that the IRS action will create a burdensome economic hardship.

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IRS Employment Taxes - FICA and Payroll Withholding Issues

Employment tax issues involve: FICA taxes (also called social security and Medicare taxes) and FWT / Payroll withholding. There are quarterly payroll tax returns (IRS Form 941) that the employer is supposed to file with the IRS. For businesses with IRS tax issues, it will more likely than not involve FICA or Federal Payroll Withholding tax trust fund issues. This is a really interesting for your IRS tax lawyer because there are many ways to solve IRS employment tax issues and your tax professional gets the satisfaction of being able to help business owners stay in business and get back on track with the IRS.

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IRS Offer in Compromise Planning | IRS Legal Defense

If you're looking for more information about an IRS offer in compromise, consult an expert tax lawyer who can help you get through

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IRS Equity Financial Analysis

The Equity Component to the IRS’s financial analysis looks at assets and deducts liabilities on those assets (e.g. a car worth $50,000 with a $20,000 loan remaining is an asset valued only at $30,000 in the eyes of the IRS). Similarly, while I discuss the Income portion of the IRS’s financial analysis in another article, briefly, if a household brings in $9,000.00 per month in total wages, but has $7,000 in “allowable expenses” (per IRS standards), the IRS will only count $24,000 as income ($2,000 x 12).

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IRS Tips and Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

We represent Floridians with IRS problems. Luckily, even if you are a delinquent in your taxes, you can go to an experienced IRS tax lawyer who will be able to navigate IRS procedures needed to negotiate taxes owed to the IRS. To successfully navigate the process, tax lawyers and CPAs who assist people with IRS problems will need to know what to do and what NOT to do. This article explains some common traps people fall into when trying to negotiate their tax problems with the IRS after they have been levied or have been summoned to appear before a IRS tax officer.

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How to Deal with Difficult IRS Agents

An IRS agent conducting the audit might make a claim of impropriety that they can’t back up despite being provided evidence to the contrary. The IRS agent then may also threaten that things are going to get worse if the claim of impropriety isn’t conceded by the taxpayer. At this point, your IRS tax defense attorney should be speaking with an IRS supervisor. At this point your tax lawyer will also fax over his/her position, why the auditor is being unreasonable, and the facts we have presented to back-up that claim.

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How to Request IRS First Time Penalty Abatement

IRS penalties add up very quickly and when they do it can effectively place an IRS installment plan out of reach of some taxpayers. For this reason, the first time IRS penalty abatement procedure is a very important tool for your IRS tax attorney to utilize.

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IRS Collections Defense 101

IRS collections process starts with a tax assessment which begins the process of recording a tax liability. For some people, tax assessment leads to a tax refund. Tax assessment is a neutral term, it simply reflects how the IRS keeps its records. Filing tax returns, is really you doing your own assessment.

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More on IRS Offers in Compromise

IRS offers in compromise are a tool your tax defense lawyer can use in attempt to settle or reduce outstanding tax obligation in collections. Generally, the statistics show that officers in compromise are accepted by the IRS less than 50% of the time. Keep in mind that your chances significantly increase with an experienced IRS tax lawyer representing your interests.

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Hiring a Tax Lawyer? Here's What You Need to Know

It may sound suprising, but it's true: Americans fail to pay $458 billion a year in taxes.

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Top Tips to Prevent an IRS Audit

Audits are generally rare: Small C corporations (total assets less than $10 million) faced an overall audit rate of 1% in 2014. Companies with assets between $1 million and $5 million were audited at a 1.2% rate, and those with assets between $5 million and $10 million faced a 1.9% rate. C corporations with assets between $10 million and $50 million were audited at a 6.2% rate.

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